The Fear

When I first dove head-first into Romance Twitter, I saw a tweet that's always stuck with me. It said something to the effect of, "As a writer, you spend your life being afraid you'll never get published. Then, once you get published, you spend your life being afraid you'll never get published again."

Today, as I sent out review requests to blogs and checked in on my Netgalley page, I couldn't help but be consumed by this fear. Sure, I got published. Of course I'm proud of The Roswell Affair... But what if I'm the only one who likes it? What if it's a terrible flop and I never get published again? What if I got a taste of my dream only to never live it again? 

I don't actually have answers to this question. All I know is I won't know unless I keep writing, keep querying, and keep developing my craft so more people will love it! 

Hello, world!

This is my first blog post as a to-be published author, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Or terrified. Thrilled and terrified is a good description.

Ever since receiving The Call from Carina Press, people keep asking me, "how does it feel?" The only real description I can come up with that accurately puts it into perspective is that it's like being at the top of a roller coaster: scary exciting. Whenever I think about it too hard, my stomach lifts and my joints tense like I'm about to go flying down the first loop of a roller coaster.

With only one month (!!!) to go until my first book is released, I have that feeling constantly. Every email from Harlequin or notification that my book is up for pre-sale somewhere is a reminder that this is real. It's happening. I'm an author! 

This blog is going to be my journey through these twists and turns of being an author. As I gear up to The Roswell Affair's release on November 13, I'll share the glittering highs of sharing my work work with the world, and after that, as I edit the sequel, His Human Bride, I'll give you a peek behind the scenes of the editorial process. After that- who knows? Maybe you'll be the first to see tidbits the Next Big Thing I'm working on!

Until next time, internet, stay sexy and don't get abducted by aliens. (Unless they're like The Roswell Affair's hero Breccon, of course.)