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The Roswell Affair

Release Date: November 13, 2017

E-book available at,, iBooks, Amazon/Kindle, Kobo, and wherever fine e-books are sold!

The roswell affair

Roswell, New Mexico

Seven feet tall. Dark skin. Blue luminescent tattoos. Do they cover his entire body?

Katharine Leigh Parker’s orders are the last things on her mind when she sees him. She went from fetching coffee to communicating with an honest-to-god alien in barely a day. But this was no little green man.

First contact happens right there with him—Breccon Tallel—still chained to the table, their fated bond overshadowing her analytical mind. Her duty.

Breccon promises Katharine pleasures unlike any she’s experienced if she frees him. The scientist in her weighs the risks. The human fears the unknown. But the desire—the need—in her knows she’ll give in to whatever Breccon asks.